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New Patients -


1. Please create a user name and password to go into our portal. There you will be able to request an appointment.

2. Please select *NEW PATIENT APPOINTMENT* for your initial appointment. This allows us to block off the appropriate time to evaluate you as a new patient. The appointment will be approved or denied.

3. Fill out the necessary patient information and previous medical history.

4. Sign any necessary forms. 

Returning Patients- 

1. Log into the patient portal.

2. Select the type of appointment you are requesting. The appointment will be approved or denied.

3. Any correspondence between the provider and the patient will need to be submitted on the portal. 

4. Labs will be available to view on the patient portal.

Please be advised our services are self-pay only. 


$200                   New Patient Appointment - average time is 45-60 minutes.

$150-195            IV Nutritional Therapy - average time is 30-45 minutes.

$100                   Current Patient Followup/Sick Appointment - average time 15-30 minutes.

$100                   Hormone Therapy Followup Appointment - average time 15-30 minutes.

$175-375            Specialized testing: Heavy Metals, Food Sensitivity, Aeroallergy, Hormone Panel,

                           Neurotransmitter Panel, Organic Acid Profile, Etc. Add on services only. 

Hormone Therapy Form

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