Select an appointment type below and then proceed to date and time to schedule an appointment. If you do not see a date and time that works for you please contact us and we will work out a time to meet. If you have any questions or issues booking your appointment please contact us at or (336) 444-0125.

*A note about booking appointments for Live blood analysis and Bioenergetic analysis*

If you are a new client you should choose from the following initial appointments:
Bioenergetic analysis + Live Blood Analysis
(2.5 hours)

Bioenergetic analysis (2 hours)
Live Blood Analysis (1 hour)


Follow-up appointments are classified as:

Bioenergetic Analysis + Live Blood Analysis (1.5 hour)

Bioenergetic Analysis (1 hour)

Live Blood Analysis (1 hour)


If you are ONLY wanting the following testing please email or call for an appointment. 
Candida screen 
Food sensitivity test 
Environmental toxin test
Organic Acids Test
Aeroallergy Test
ABO Blood typing


IV Nutritional Therapy - average time is 45-60 minutes.

Sick Patient Visit/Hormone Therapy Appointment with Craig Howell, PA-C - 30 minutes


New Clients should click on the PDF image below, download, and fill out the "new client medical history form". Please bring this form filled out to your appointment. Bioenergetic analysis patients please also fill out the client indicator form. 

New Client Medical History

Bioenergetic Analysis Client Indicator Form

Hormone Therapy Form

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