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Current Patient Sick/Well Patient Visit


15-30 minutes

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A current patient sick/well visit involves an approach that considers the entire well-being of the patient, addressing both immediate health concerns and broader aspects of their physical, mental, and emotional health. Here is an overview of what your visit will entail:

  1. Assessment of Immediate Health Concerns:

    • Symptoms Discussion: The patient discusses their current symptoms and any specific health issues they are experiencing.

    • Physical Examination: The healthcare provider may conduct a focused physical examination to assess the patient's current health status.

  2. Holistic Health Review:

    • Lifestyle Factors: The healthcare provider explores the patient's lifestyle, including diet, exercise, sleep, and stress levels, to understand how these factors may be influencing their health.

    • Emotional Well-being: Our practitioners often inquire about the patient's emotional well-being, stressors, and mental health.

  3. Review of Treatment Plan:

    • Previous Recommendations: If the patient has an existing treatment plan, the healthcare provider reviews its effectiveness and makes adjustments as needed.

    • Medication and Supplement Review: We will discuss the patient's current medications and supplements, considering any potential interactions or adjustments.

  4. Nutritional Guidance:

    • Dietary Recommendations: We may offer dietary advice or modifications to support the body's natural healing processes.

    • Nutritional Supplements: If necessary, recommendations for supplements may be provided to address specific health concerns.

  5. Preventive Care:

    • Health Promotion: We may discuss strategies for preventive care, emphasizing lifestyle choices that promote long-term health.

  6. Follow-Up Plan:

    • Scheduled Follow-Up: A plan for ongoing care, including any necessary follow-up appointments, may be established to monitor progress and make adjustments.

Current patient sick/well visits prioritize individualized care, considering the interconnectedness of various aspects of health. The focus is on addressing the root causes of health issues, promoting overall well-being, and empowering patients to take an active role in their healthcare journey.

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