"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. ”






I have a love for all things natural, especially natural healing. My journey began 9 years ago while pregnant with my son. Since that pregnancy I have diligently searched for and used natural remedies for myself and my family. I have personally witnessed what nature can do for our bodies and how God has given us amazing tools to heal. My passion for healing and helping others has grown over the years. With so many searching for solutions to their ailments and not knowing where to turn, I hope to shed some light and bring hope to those who are looking for answers to their health.


I have been in the medical field for 17 years. I started out as an Army medic and I am currently a Physician Assistant. I have dedicated my career to helping others and enjoy aiding in their time of need. My wife and I opened this practice to continue that passion of serving others. I hope to bring healing to those in search of treatment by the way of a positive environment, years of clinical knowledge and experience, combined with advanced natural healing techniques. 


IV Nutritional Therapy:

First, we will discuss which IV therapy is right for you, taking into account previous and current medical history. Once a selection has been made, we will proceed with the therapy and you will relax in our IV therapy room. We strive to make your visit as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We hope you enjoy the healing environment we have created for you!





Bioenergetic Analysis:

On your first visit we will go over your "new client intake" form and "client indicator" form and discuss any symptoms/issues you are currently experiencing. Once a thorough background on health has been assessed we will run a few scans for the bioenergetic analysis. Each scan will be tailored to finding out how to balance the body's energy. Once the scans are complete the will review the results together and discuss what ailments you want to address. Lastly we will pick out supplements that match the needs of your body, energetically, and create a healing regiment. 






Live Blood Analysis: 

On your first visit we will go over your "new client intake" form and discuss any symptoms/issues you are currently experiencing. Then we will proceed to draw blood via a finger prick. We will view the live blood sample on a monitor and discuss the findings. You will get to see your blood in real time, see how it moves, it's shape, etc. Then we will assess the dry blood sample and any anomalies present. Lifestyle changes will be discussed to help improve the blood and supplementation will be recommended if necessary. 



  • North Carolina State University  - 2010

    • BS in Biological Sciences, Minor in Genetics​

  • University of Florida - 2013

    • MS in DNA & Serology ​

  • Kingdom University - In progress

    • PhD Holistic Medicine

  • Certified Live Blood Analyst - 2021

  • Bioenergetic Training - 2022


  • Western Carolina University - 2017

    • BS in Emergency Medicine

  • Wake Forest University School of Medicine - 2020

    • MMS in Physician Assistant Studies

  • ​IV Nutritional Therapy Certification - 2022





625 E 52 Bypass

Pilot Mountain, NC 27041


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