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IV Nutritional Therapy

Choose from a variety of IV therapies to boost your immune system, aid in healing, hydrate, and more. IV therapy bypasses the digestive system and deposits nutrients directly into the blood stream. IV therapy is great for anyone looking to improve their health. 

Sample of IVs available:

Myers Cocktail 

Immune Boost

Chelation (Heavy Metal Detox & More)

High Dose Vitamin C 

Athletic Performance & Recovery 

Weight loss Formula 

Brain Boost Formula 



Benefits Include:

  • Boosts energy levels naturally

  • Reduces symptoms of migraines

  • Helps heal from illnesses

  • Reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation

  • Helps with age management and skin care

  • Promotes healthly cardiovascular system

  • Helps rid the body of free radicals and toxins

  • Helps with weight management

  • Detox from heavy metals

  • Helps prevent illnesses

  • Can help heal certain conditions by bypassing the gut

  • Accelerates wound healing

  • Improve recovery from workout or athetic performance

  • Improve cognition and brain function

  • & More!

Food Sensitivity Testing

This test takes about 30 minutes and requires a finger prick. You have the option of testing 96, 144, or 208 common food sensitivities. The results normally take up to 2 weeks to process. You then have valuable information on what foods to eliminate or limit consumption. 

Aeroallergy Testing
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy 

Ask us about our hormone therapy options! To determine your hormone level we offer a saliva hormone panel. Meet with our hormone consultant Dr. Tonya Hughes to determine if therapy is right for you. Then, Mr. Craig Howell PA-C, will administer the appropriate therapy. 

Benefits of BHRT:

  • Mimics your own natural hormones. BHRT is as close to your natural hormones as possible

  • Improves your stamina and sex drive

  • Promotes a better night's sleep

  • Decreases symptoms of menopause

  • Better mental clarity

  • Decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Increased sense of wellbeing

  • Improved ability to lose fat and build muscle

  • Thicker hair growth

  • Healthier skin

  • Reduced bloating

  • More energy during the day

  • Fewer hot flashes and night sweats

Sick/Well Patient Visit

Meet with our medical provider to discuss current illnesses and concerns. We focus on acute illnesses.

Environmental Toxins Testing

This send-off test examines the toxins within your body. We are all exposed to many toxins within the environment like shampoos, paint, or car emissions. This report details what toxin(s) are high in your body. A detox plan can be created upon request. 

Organic Acid Profile 

Want a greater look into your metabolic processes? This test is the right one for you. Get a detailed, comprehensive test of certain organic acids and a report on why they may be high/low. Ask for more details!

Suffer from allergies? This send-off test allows a snap shot of what you are allergic to within the environment. 

Supplement Solutions

We have supplements for a wide variety of needs. Supplements are great if you are focused on preventative health or of you are fighting off an illness. All are hand selected and of the highest quality. The bioenergetic analysis can run signatures of any vitamin, mineral, or homeopathic remedy you are wanting to try. Supplements can help the body function optimally, with both prescribed medicine, or without. We also recommend you bringing your own supplements to your Bioenergetic appointment so we can see if they are working for or against your body's systems.

To inquire about

Live blood analysis & Bioenergetic Analysis

please call 336-444-0125

or visit

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