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About Us

Welcome to Pilot Holistic Health. We specialize in preventative health and natural healing. Since there is always more to learn about preventative health, our providers are constantly furthering their education to find the newest advancements in natural healing. Our assessments include the whole body, lifestyle situations, and the individual (you) into consideration. We take time to listen to you in addition to labs and other testing to provide a holistic, natural healing solution custom-tailored to your needs. 


Our Story

Craig has been in the medical field since 2004. He started out as an Army medic and is currently a Physician Assistant. He has worked in Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms as a Physician Assistant. He has dedicated his career to helping others and enjoys aiding in their time of need. He opened this practice to continue that passion of serving others. He hopes to bring healing to those in search of treatment by way of a positive/holistic environment, years of clinical experience, combined with advanced natural healing techniques. 

Meet The Crew

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