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What to Expect

First Appointment

First Impressions:

If you are a new (or potentially new patient), welcome! As you first walk in, you may notice our office isn't set up like a normal office. We have comfortable chairs throughout, calming decor, and smiling employees! We put a lot of dedicated energy into making our "office" a place of peace and healing. We hope you feel at home here. 

Checking in:

As you walk in, you'll be greeted by someone with a big smile, who is happy you're here! Please give us your name so we can check you in. You'll be kindly asked to be seated where you can chat, read magazines, or just sit enjoying a break. If you haven't already filled out your new patient form, please do so in the patient portal. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask whoever is at the front desk, or, for more medical-related questions, please refer to Craig. You may also consult our FAQ page for some of our most frequently asked questions.


Appointments with Craig

Hormone Therapies:

The Hormone Therapy appointment centers around rebalancing the body's hormone levels. Discuss symptoms, concerns, and lab work to determine the best fit for you and your body. 

IV Therapies:

First, we will discuss which IV therapy is right for you, considering your previous and current medical history. Once a selection has been made, we will administer the treatment while you relax in our IV therapy room. 

Regenerative Injections:

Regenerative injection appointment start with a consultation if needed. Once we have decided which regenerative injection would be of most benefit to you, we prep the area with numbing medicine and cold spray. Then the magic happens.

Sick/Well Patient Visit

Meet with our medical provider to discuss current illnesses and concerns. We focus on acute illnesses.

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